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What is the function of a funeral plaque?

When you lose a loved one, you ask yourself a lot of questions about what to do. Apart from the choice of coffin, tombstone, floral ornaments…, the funeral plaque is also important. This is precisely why they come in many forms and there are options to customize them as needed. Apart from adorning the grave, the funeral plaques can also play several roles. Discover below the different functions of a funeral plaque.

Pay Homage Funeral Plaques:

Tributes to the deceased can be intimate, as they are meant to come from our hearts. However, there are small accessories that can make a public testimony to the missing person. Funeral plaques are one of them. You can use them to show respect, friendship, or love to the deceased .

Personalization options exist for the funeral plaques. Some people write texts that bring back memories. Others prefer to express the feelings they have for the loved one. Apart from these options, you can choose other methods to personalize your funeral plaque. To do this, you can use:

From a photograph;
From a quote;
For a Poem;
From a message.
It should be noted that the photo is to be engraved on the plate. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a portrait of the deceased. You can take images of a landscape, an animal, a family, their favorite sports activities, etc. The main thing is to show what distinguishes him from others (his hobbies, his attachment to his family or his community). In this way, your tribute will be more personal.

In some beliefs, mortuary plaques are considered grave guardians. They watch over the deceased in his final resting place and prove the affection we have for him. When the texts are too long or you want to use several personalization methods, it is possible to take several funeral plaques.

Identify the deceased:

The second important function of the funeral plaque is that it makes it easier to identify a tombstone. Moreover, this function has existed for many years and is noticeable among many peoples. Among the Greeks, it was used to identify the dead. They used funerary plaques made with clay or terracotta on which inscriptions were engraved.

In Egypt, engravings are made on tombs to remember who the deceased was. Today, several materials are available for design and techniques used are more advanced. It is true that we do not necessarily think of this role when making a purchase, but it allows us to make distinctions. Indeed, in a cemetery, all the graves take up almost the same spaces.

The probability is high that we will take enough time to search for a grave. On the other hand, by placing a funerary plaque on a tomb, it plays the role of a landmark. You will find the plaque more quickly by reading the inscriptions on it. It will therefore be necessary to put the surname, date of birth and death, etc. You can use the information on the burial permit to help you decide. You will waste much less time if you opt for a very personalized decoration of the plate.

Beautify the funeral plaque tombstone:

This is the role that we most recognize of the funerary plaque. It is one of the most used funeral decorations. Apart from the various shapes (triangle, rectangle, circle, etc.), it is possible to use objects to better represent the message to convey.

For example, you can choose to take a plaque in the form of an open book to evoke memories of the life of the deceased. The heart is also used to symbolize love. But you, you can choose a funeral plaque in the shape of a bird or a parchment to decorate the grave.

If the aforementioned forms do not suit you, base yourself on his passions to make a wise choice. The main thing is that the object used symbolizes a character of the person or has a connection with his life. The color of the plate also contributes to the decorative aspect. It must match the color of the tombstone. This makes it possible to have a beautiful harmony on the tombstone.

Characteristics and choice of a funeral plaque:

The funeral plaque remains on the headstone for many years. As a first characteristic, it is therefore important that it be hard and resistant. Generally, grave markers are made with solid materials like cement, granite, stones, etc. But, some are more resistant and easier to maintain than others. Also, since it should be subject to different climatic hazards, it is also important to make a choice according to the prevailing climates in the region. You can choose granite regardless of the region in which you reside. Its particularity is that it does not deteriorate under the effect of bad weather.

Another criterion for choosing a funeral plaque, you can take into account the location and the function you want it to have. If you want the funeral plaque to play an identification role, favor the rectangular shape. It is more visible and easy to recognize. The indications will be much easier to read if you put it on a columbarium.

It is the same for the funeral plaques which are used to pay homage . When you want to choose a plate for its decorative function, the ideal is to opt for models that have a base. As for the size of the plinth, it is better to take into account the support. In addition, the plates directly glued to the tombstone are those that are recommended. This way you can be sure that they will not fall under the effect of the wind or external pressures. Also, the risk of breakage or deterioration is minimal. The last criterion to consider is the budget.

The prices of the funeral plaques vary according to the materials of manufacture. Customization options can also determine the price.

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