How to save Facebook video with FDownloader?

Are you a massive fan of Facebook? Then you may know that Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms. It comes with millions of photos, videos, and stories that users can share on their Facebook walls. What if you want to save them on your smartphone or computer? Facebook gives an option to their users to save Facebook photos directly to their devices. But unfortunately, there is no option to save videos directly from Facebook. So what would we do in a situation like this? Imagine you could save Facebook video while watching it. Quite handy, isn’t it?

With our FDownloader, you can save all your favorite videos with just one click. Facebook downloader is completely free and available 100% online for downloading. Want to download your favorite Facebook unlimitedly free? So, why are you waiting any longer?

Everything about Facebook video downloader

FDownloader is a simple, web-based, super-effective tool to download high-quality Facebook photos and videos. It comes with simple users friendly interface. So any technical or non-technical person can use this amazing downloader without any hassle. You do not need to download or install any 3rd party applications that ruin your device storage. Save Facebook video on your smartphone with its compatibility through all Android and iOS devices. And its works on all Windows, Mac, Linux computers, and even tablets.

The best thing about this Facebook video downloader is that it never asks you to log in or enter details. It is completely free. You can download excellent quality Facebook videos through any browser you supports. It smoothly works through Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Dolphin, etc. 

So enjoy the experience of downloading Facebook videos with high quality and unlimitedly. It is super fast and makes life more comfortable. Why not just give it a go? 

Why use this unique tool to save Facebook videos for you?

You already know that Facebook comes with millions of worldwide users every day. So this comes as the world’s biggest social media platform to share your thoughts, and connect with your friends and relatives everywhere. But what features does Facebook fail to offer? 

Facebook does not have a download button to save Facebook videos on your mobile or PC. That’s why you need the help of a trustworthy third-party tool to go ahead. Here, our personal tool FDownloader comes in handy to solve all the issues you are facing while downloading Facebook videos.

Best Features of Facebook Downloader

  • Get it completely free.
  • No registration or sign-in information is required to save the Facebook video.
  • Comes with a very simple user-friendly interface.
  • Compatibility with all devices including iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux.
  • Compatibility with all operating systems and web browsers.
  • All in one online Facebook Video Downloader.
  • The quick and effective tool comes with a one-click download.
  • HD quality Facebook videos, images, and live video downloader.

How to save FB videos online with FDownloader

Our online Facebook video downloader has made it easier to download Facebook videos on PC and mobile. You can easily access this FB downloader through your device browser. If you are using this FB video downloader on your PC or mobile, go to the Facebook page and browse the video you want to download. Then click on the three-dotted button and copy its URL. Once done, you can submit the URL on this online Facebook video downloader and start the download process. 

Step steps to save Facebook videos on your PC and mobile

1st step: Go to on your mobile or computer.

2nd step: Search for the video you want to save on your device.

3rd step: Select your favorite video from the search result.

4th step: Copy the video URL. To that,

  • On your computer, click on the three-dot button at the top-right corner of the video. Then go through the options and choose the “Copy Link” option there. In another way, you can directly copy the URL from the address bar. 
  • On your mobile, click the share icon (three-dot button) on the right corner and select the “Copy Link” option there. Now your video URL will be copied to your device clipboard.

5th step: Go to FDownloader.

6th step: Paste the copied URL into the top of the Video Downloader tool.

7th step: Hit the “DOWNLOAD NOW” button.

8th step: Now you can see the preview of your favorite video. Below the preview, you can find the video format you want to download. Whether HD video, SD video, or Audio format.

9th step: Hit the “DOWNLOAD” button again.

10th step: Your favorite video starts to download and save on your mobile or PC within a couple of seconds. 

That’s all!

How to Download Private Facebook videos

You can download private Facebook videos using our amazing video downloader tool. If you can watch someone’s private video, you can download it too.

Please note that due to privacy settings you cannot save Facebook videos for free on your device. But with the FDownloader, you can download private videos directly from the Facebook page.

Please respect the copyright of the Facebook video you want to download. And remember that if you save a legally protected Facebook video, you are solely responsible for that action. Think seriously before doing it. 

Where are the videos saved after being downloaded?

When you download files, they are usually saved in the folder you have set as default. Your browser usually sets this folder for you. In the browser settings, you can manually change and select the destination folder for your downloaded videos.

Is this amazing tool safe?

FDownloader does not store videos. We also do not keep copies of uploaded videos. All videos are hosted on the servers of the Social Network. Furthermore, we do not track the user’s download history, so the use of our video downloader is completely safe and anonymous.


Facebook is a very popular application these days as it is the best online platform to interact with others. Hope this article helps you understand what is a Facebook downloader, its features, how it works, save Facebook videos using it on different devices such as computers, and mobile phones, and some questions. Continue to share this special tool with your friends and family. Good luck!!!

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