Discover the Snowiest Cities in USA for a Perfect Summer Vacation

Snow resembles different meanings among different people. For some, snow means fun, winter, and scenic beauty. While for others, it’s a nightmare that can affect the daily lives of millions of people. However, we all look for snowy places to visit in Summer to get rid of the heating weather. While the United States is a large country with climate changes, many places fill with snow for most of the year. You can visit these places and enjoy the pleasant climate while indulging in different sports activities. Here’s the list of the five Snowiest Cities in the USA that you can never miss out on visiting in the Summer holidays. 

Famous Snowiest Cities in the US

Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

Sault Ste. is one of the oldest cities in North America with French settlements. Marie is situated near a bank of a river that connects Huron and Superior lakes. People come to this wonderful place to escape the busy life of the city and get some rest in the lap of nature. Though this place has lake-effect snow, there’s no doubt that Sault Ste is one of the most beautiful and famous places for snowy weather. The place receives on average 119.3 inches of snow per year. That’s why it is one of the largest snowiest cities in the USA. 

Syracuse, New York

There’s no surprise that New York’s Syracuse is one of the snowiest cities in the USA. It is situated in the northern quadrant which is always cold throughout the year. Like Sault Ste, Syracuse is also having a lake effect and that’s why it becomes one of the famous snowiest cities in the United States. Not only this city, all the top four Snowiest cities in the USA have the lake effect that makes them the coolest places in the country. It receives on average 127.8 inches of snow in the winter season. 

Juneau, Alaska

Juneau is the capital of Alaska which gets 93.6 inches of snowfall per year. The city is filled with snow throughout the year. You are lucky if you have ever gone to this beautiful city. The place is filled with adventure sports like hiking, trekking, and more. Plus, it is a great place to taste the local breweries and watch whales. If you stay for long there, you can even witness 60.1 inches of snowfall every year. The residents of the city feel that snow is a surrounding beauty for Juneau. It has a relatively mild winter in cities with below-average snowfall.

Other cities in Alaska that are known for the average snowfall are – Anchorage with 73.1 inches of snow and Fairbanks with 64.8 inches of snowfall. 

Duluth, Minnesota  

Another lake effect city that witnesses one of the highest snowfalls in the US is Duluth. It is a port city on Lake Superior in Minnesota. The city receives 83.5 inches of snowfall on average every year. The place is a paradise if you want to watch the snowfall and feel the cool breeze in your summer holidays. In Duluth, there are a lot of bars, coffee shops, and parks which attract many young professionals to live in this city. 

There are many cool cities in the northern-tier state of Minnesota such as International Falls with 64.8 inches of snowfall, Minneapolis-St. Paul with 49.9 inches, Saint Cloud with 45 inches, and more. 

Erie, Pennsylvania

When it comes to one of the snowiest cities in the USA, we can’t forget to mention Erie, the city in Pennsylvania. It is another city in the US that is famous for its cool weather and snowy climate. It wouldn’t be fair if we miss out on mentioning that Erie is also a lake effect city. Erie is situated on the south shore of Lake Erie. It is the only port on the Great Lakes which makes it even more special to visit. The average snowfall that the city receives is around 80.9 inches per year. As far as the climate is concerned, the winters here are a little moderately cold with heavy lake-effect snow. So, if you are creating a list of famous snowiest cities in the US, don’t forget to add Erie to your list. 

This is all about the snowiest cities in the USA. If you are looking for the largest snowiest cities in the USA, you can get those in the list mentioned above. Thus, get ready to experience snow and cold weather on your next summer trip to the United States. We assure you that you will never get this experience anywhere else in the world. 

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